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Open Web Livestream Camera

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Firework's 1st Livestream camera ever, It has been used by brands like Muji, Heinze. This is the tool brands uses to reach hundreds and millions of audience.

Over 6 months period of R&D, I partnered with CEO, CTO, and PMs envisioned a live stream camera to power Firework's Web 3.0 live stream. 

We defined the customer journey and different touchpoints. This was supported by the feedback from PSM and BD team. I incorporated business needs, user experience, and technical limitations together delivered an easy to use, yet easy-to-implement and integrate with the current Firework system.


Experience Design 



UX | UI 


Firework enables brands to do Livestream on their website without the limitation of the traditional walled gardens. Taking control of customer data, boost sales and user engagement 


Multi-host allows multiple people to co-host a show, or top co-sale a product from every corner of the world. 


After the customer interview, I found Livestream's performance monitoring is key to the success of a live event. However, a lot of the live stream platforms separate the performance from the host. Which makes it much harder for the host to make adjustments in real time. So I suggested the Livestream Live Data feature. Which got positive feedback from customers.


Users can start Livestream by login into the Firework live stream App or scanning a QR code (For external host). 

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Even though verbal communication is the primary method for the host to engage with the audience, but based on the customer survey, there are 5% of them are in the situation of "One-Man-Show". Those customers want to be able to type in such as merch link, store info, data etc.



Being able to point out which product is currently being talked about is the key to a successful full live stream product. According to customer interviews and past live stream data. On average, 8-22 products will be showcased.



User engagement is the key to any event. The biggest challenge hosts face is to keep the audience entertained. The average attention span is 15min. Poll and questions are designed to handle that issue. The host can set up questions even before the live stream starts so that all audiences can have the chance to engage with the host and feel included. More importantly, collected data would be a great tool for offline customer follow-up.

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